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Change Log for 2002

To the 2001 changelog

  1. 12/31/2002 [nando]: Updated Alsa Modular Synth to version 1.5.5.

    Added documentation details about the i386 vs. i686 kernel installs. Clarified the current conflict between RedHat 8.0's compiler and the kernel (you cannot build modules for the current kernels under RedHat 8.0 because the compilers are completely different). Added a paragraph about ``-u'' and ``-M'' parameters to the IDE disk optimization section.

  2. 12/30/2002 [nando]: Added Vkeybd, a virtual MIDI keyboard that works through the alsa sequencer interface. Initial version is 0.1.12-1.

    Updated Jack Rack to version 1.0.1.

    Updated Jack to version 0.44.0.

    Updated the Common Lisp world.

    • Cmucl updated to version 3.1.4-1 (corresponds to debian's current ``testing'' version)
    • Clisp updated to version 2.30-1 in all versions
    • Common Music (CM) updated to the new 2.4.0 version of 12/19/2002
    • CLM updated to version 2 of 12/09/2002
    • CMN updated to 12/09/2002
    • changed internal organization of files in the rpms to better match cmucl and clisp usage
    • xcmnw (the cmn score viewer) now works correctly under cmucl
    • some tips on running it (in the works) including a .emacs configuration file
    • updated the Common Lisp book by Steele and the HyperSpec rpms to store files in /usr/share/common-lisp/reference

    I'll try to keep it more current in the future (more frequent updates).

    Note: if you are going to be building your own cm-clm-cmn rpms and update the cmucl-normal rpm you will need to first erase it, otherwise a link to the new image will not be correcly installed (the previous version of the post scripts in the rpms have a bug).

  3. 12/19/2002 [nando]: Updated Rosegarden to version 0.8.5-1.

    Updated Ecasound to version 2.2.0rc1-1.

  4. 12/16/2002 [nando]: Updated the Alsaconf ALSA configurator script to match the latest version of ALSA (creates proper option names for modules, without the ``snd_'' prefix).

    Updated the alsa sound drivers for the 2.4.19-1.ll kernel and 2.4.19-2.ll.acpi kernel. Current version is now at revision 43 and corresponds to cvs of 20021216.102029 (this morning). Properly built drivers are available for both the i386 up and i686 up and smp kernels (previously the i386 version was broken). To install the new version:

    • stop the alsa driver:
      /etc/rc.d/init.d/alsasound stop

    • sync with the repository:
      apt-get update

    • install the new rpms. For a uniprocessor kernel type:
      apt-get install alsa-driver-2.4.19-1.ll alsa-driver alsa-lib alsa-utils alsa-tools
      For a multiprocessor kernel type:
      apt-get install alsa-driver-2.4.19-1.llsmp alsa-driver alsa-lib alsa-utils alsa-tools

    • edit your /etc/modules.conf configuration file and in all the ``options snd'' lines erase the ``snd_'' prefix from the names of all parameters. For example, the following lines in /etc/modules.conf:

      options snd snd_major=116 snd_cards_limit=1 \
              snd_device_mode=0666 snd_device_gid=0 snd_device_uid=0
      options snd-ens1370 snd_index=0 snd_id=SBPCI128

      would become:

      options snd major=116 cards_limit=1 \
              device_mode=0666 device_gid=0 device_uid=0
      options snd-ens1370 index=0 id=SBPCI128

      /sbin/depmod -a
      to rebuild the module dependencies.

      Note that the prefix for the card driver is still ``snd-'' (that has not changed). A new version of alsaconf will be online shortly, it will create configuration files with the proper option names.

    • restart the alsa driver by typing:

      /etc/rc.d/init.d/alsasoud start

      When restarting the driver for the first time you will probably see error messages when the state of the mixer is being loaded by /usr/sbin/alsactl (at the end of the load sequence). This is because the numbering or naming of controls have changed in the driver and no longer match what is stored in the mixer state file (/etc/asound.state). Just start alsamixer for all your cards, make sure all the settings are as you want them, quit alsamixer and run ``/usr/sbin/alsactl store'' to update the state file.

    • for users of usb audio and midi interfaces: the support for usb audio and midi has been merged into one driver (snd-usb-audio) and for that reason the numbering of the devices might change for you (in revision 36/37 using a usb midi interface meant having a ``ghost'' audio card with no devices before it, that is no longer necessary).

    Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything...

  5. 12/15/2002 [nando]: Updated Snd to version 6.4-1.

    Updated Meterbridge to version 0.9.0.

  6. 12/10/2002 [nando]: Updated Jack to version 0.41.1-1 (latency calculation fixed, useful for ardour users).

  7. 12/10/2002 [nando]: Updated Alsaplayer to version 0.99.73-1. This triggered the following two updates:

    Updated Libsndfile to version 1.0.3-1.

    Updated Flac to version 1.0.4-2.

  8. 12/09/2002 [nando]: Updated Alsa Modular Synth to version 1.5.4-2. This includes a small fix from the author (in some situations in can deadlock the machine).

    Updated Jack to version 0.41.0 from cvs. This upgrade is needed by users of ardour and also contains some improvements in the watchdog code.

    Added FilmGimp version 0.10-1. Film Gimp is a motion picture editing tool primarily used for painting and retouching of movie images.

    Added TerminatorX version 3.73-1. An option to Gdam, perhaps less flexible but currently works fine (I really should try to package Gdam cvs). Only available for RedHat 7.3 and 8.0 as it depends on Gtk2. Regretfully an OSS only application for now.

  9. 12/06/2002 [nando]: Updated SWH LADSPA Plugins to version 0.3.3-1, looks like Steve is building neat plugins like crazy! :-)

    Added a newer version of gettext to the repository (0.11.5-1, based on 0.11.4-4 from Rawhide). It is needed to compile the current Ardour cvs.

  10. 12/05/2002 [nando]: Updated Muse to version 0.6.0pre5 (while waiting for alsa compiles :-)

  11. 12/04/2002 [nando]: Updated the SWH LADSPA Plugins to version 0.3.2-1; Qjackconnect to version 0.0.3-1 and Alsa Modular Synth to version 1.5.4-1.

  12. 11/21/2002 [nando]: Updated Jack to version 0.40.1-1.

  13. 11/17/2002 [nando]: Updated Ceres3 to version 0.27a10-1.

    Added newer hotplug and hotplug-gtk packages (version 2002_08_26-1) too all three versions, source rpm based on the RedHat 8.0's source rpm. Added usbutils to 7.2, upgraded usbutils in 7.3 to version 0.9-7 (same as in 8.0). The new ezusbmidi package (not yet online) needs the newer versions.

    Added to the repository the NVIDIA binary drivers rebuilt for the 2.4.19-1.ll (up) Planet CCRMA kernel. There are two rpms, you should be able to install them by doing an:

    apt-get install NVIDIA_GLX NVIDIA_kernel-2.4.19-1.ll

    I have no way of testing this, so please let me know if it works for you.

    Added a new version of ezusbmidi to the repository and changed the install isntructions in the Usb MIDI Nano HOWTO. The new version supports the Midisport 1x1, it is no longer necessary to disconnect the MIDI inputs while loading the firmware and Planet CCRMA now includes a newer version of the hotplug utilities that makes it easier to configure things (less files to tweak).

    Updated Freqtweak freqtweak to version 0.4.5-1.

  14. 11/16/2002 [nando]: Updated Muse to version 0.6.0pre3-1.

    Updated Sweep to version 0.5.10a.

  15. 11/14/2002 [nando]: Updated Snd to version 6.3-1.

  16. 11/13/2002 [nando]: Updated all Red Planet ISO cdrom images, now available for 7.2, 7.3 and 8.0 (both for Planet CCRMA and the RedHat updates).

  17. 11/12/2002 [nando]: Updated Ams (Alsa Modular Synth) to version 1.5.3c, jack port names are now short enough so that Qjackconnect works fine with it.

    Updated Mplayer to version 0.90pre9.

    Rebuilt Alsaplayer, Freqtweak and Pd because the menu entries for 7.2/7.3 were stored in the wrong directory (System instead of Multimedia, Fernando: don't copy and paste without looking first :-)

  18. 11/11/2002 [nando]: Updated Ladspa-sdk to version 1.12, includes ladspa.h version 1.1.

    Updated Jack to version 0.40.0 (cvs). This version names the alsa_pcm ports differently (``capture'' instead of ``in'', ``playback'' instead of ``out''). That is much clearer than before. Unfortunately some clients (ahem!) hardwire the jack port names in the source, and thus will not work with the new jack. This problem triggered updates on the following jack clients:

    Updated Freqtweak to release 2, fixed jack port names

    Updated Alsaplayer to release 2, fixed jack port names

    Updated Rosegarden-4 to release 2, fixed jack port names

    Updated iiwusynth to release 2, fixed jack port names (iiwusynth is not yet documented although it is in the repository, it was needed to try out muse 0.6.0pre2)

    Clients that were not affected include: ecasound (the current version already used the new names) and meterbridge (port names are specified in the command line).

    The new version of jack includes a new API for discovering and listing connections, so that now patchbays can work. So...

    Added qjackconnect 0.0.2, a Jack patchbay that now uses the new jack connection listing api. Very useful application for jack users.

    Added Jack Rack 1.0, a LADSPA plugin effects rack that connects with Jack

    Updated Ams (Alsa Modular Synth) to version 1.5.3b, it now supports jack (but currently I cannot make the connection to jack work, updated anyway...)

  19. 11/08/2002 [nando]: Patched Muse version 0.5.3b to run under RedHat 8.0, the release number was changed for the 8.0 version. Added proper menu entry for 8.0.

  20. 11/07/2002 [nando]: Updated apt to version 0.5.4 in the RedHat 7.2 and 7.3 repositories. Updated apt for RedHat 8.0 to the latest revision (cnc9). Updated Synaptic to version 0.24 under RedHat 7.2 and 7.3. Warning: RedHat 7.2 and 7.3 users, please upgrade your /etc/apt/apt.conf file with the templates found in the web site, this is the file you will need.

  21. 11/05/2002 [nando]: Extensive rewrite and reorganization of the pages. Too many changes to mention (but none of them of enormous importance). I have tried to make the flow of the install easier to follow, giving special attention to the differences between an Internet install and a Cdrom install (there are subtle differences). I have also separated the apt, kernel and alsa sections to the package collection pages so that it is easier to segregate the package specific comments from the installation of the packages themselves.

  22. 11/04/2002 [nando]: A lot more experimenting with kernels with the intention of getting a newer one online... details to come. For now 2.4.19-1.ll still looks like the best choice at this point in time.

    Started migrating to the latest version of the apt utilities for the 7.2 and 7.3 repositories

  23. 11/01/2002 [nando]: Updated ecasound to version 2.2.0pre4.

    Updated swhplugins to version 0.3.0.

  24. 10/31/2002 [nando]: Added cmt (Computer Music Toolkit), a very nice collection of LADSPA plugins.

  25. 10/29/2002 [nando]: Built Mix rpms, the program does not currently run. Mix segfaults when trying to load a new soundfile. A source rpm is available just in case someone wants to debug this and send me patches. See comments in Desideratum section.

  26. 10/27/2002 [nando]: Added Anjuta to the 8.0 repository.

  27. 10/26/2002 [nando]: Updated meterbridge to version 0.0.6.

    Tried to compile OpenMusic for Linux. Unsuccessfully. The included version of clg (common lisp to gtk binding) did not compile, so upgraded to version 0.51 (from 0.50). But OM for Linux wanted some functions in gdk.lisp that were not defined in 0.51, so I copied them from 0.50 to the source for 0.51. After many tries I managed to compile OM but it dies when trying to load the compiled files. There are _many_ errors during the compilation phase and I guess you cannot just ignore them :-) Most probably there are incompatibilities at the source level between cmucl 2.24 (what they used) and cmucl 3.0.9 (what planetccrma uses).

  28. 10/25/2002 [nando]: Updated mplayer to version 0.90pre8. The gui seems to work now and there are plenty of skins to choose from. Nice.

  29. 10/24/2002 [nando]: Added Synaptic version 0.24.1-1, ocaml, ocaml-lablgtk, Unison to the RedHat 8.0 repository.

    Added tdb (Trivial Database) to the repository (needed for Sweep).

    Added Sweep version 0.5.9-1 to the repository.

    Started adding proper RedHat 8.0 menu entries to the programs, I was alerted to the new scheme when rebuilding the Synaptic rpm (that I originally got from Freshrpms). Sweep has now a menu entry, others to follow...

    Updated libavc1394 to version 0.4.1 (needed by Kino), libdv to version 0.98 (7.2/7.3)

    Updated Kino to version 0.6.

    Updated Stk to version 4.1.1.

    Rebuild mjpegtools against new version of libdv

  30. 10/23/2002 [nando]: Added repackaged libraries for Cinelerra. They can be installed without conflicts with the current RedHat updates for gcc and associated libraries. Tested only on RedHat 7.3.

    Updated ecasound to version 2.2.0-pre3. Added to 8.0 repository.

    Updated ecawave to version 0.5dev1. Added to 8.0 repository.

    Updated lilypond to version 1.6.6, added lilypond to RedHat 8.0 repository:

    • guile-1.4: [7.2/7.3] lilypond 1.6.6 needs a newer version of guile (1.4) than the one RedHat includes (1.3.4). Several packages depend on the 1.3.4 libraries so I created a backwards compatibility package for both releases that includes only the necessary libraries.
    • ImageMagick-devel-5.4.7-5.1: [8.0] the stock RedHat ImageMagick-devel packages is missing all the C include files, autotrace depends on them being present. Modified the file list for -devel and rebuilt the original package so that autotrace could be compiled. See the RedHat Bugzilla 74521 bug report for more details and a better fix.
    • autotrace-0.30-1: [8.0] ok
    • mftrace-1.0.10-1: [7.2/7.3/8.0] compiled new version of mftrace (used to be called pktrace).
    • texinfo-4.1: [7.2] updated texinfo to version 4.1 (from the 7.3 srpms), lilypond is happier with it than with 4.0.
    • lilypond-1.6.6-1: [7.2/7.3] ok

  31. 10/22/2002 [nando]: New updates from redhat (iptables and mozilla / galeon) conflict with the corresponding Planet CCRMA rpms. In the case of iptables under RedHat 7.2 the version number for the packages is the same but the dependencies are different enough to bother apt. I have chosen to make the redhat update the "official" version and so I have erased the old planetccrma package for iptables and iptables-ipv6.

    To "fix" your installation you need to first erase the existing iptables packages and then install again from the repository:

    a) erase the existing packages:

    rpm -e iptables iptables-ipv6

    if rpm complains and you have some rpm that depends on iptables you will have to (temporarily) force the package removal:

    rpm -e -nodeps iptables iptables-ipv6

    b) install the new versions:

    apt-get install iptables iptables-ipv6

    Started working on upgrading lilypond to 1.6.6. Needs a new version of pktrace, now called mftrace, created new package with the proper ``Obsoletes:'' tag. It also needs (under 7.2 and 7.3) guile 1.4. So I just created a guile13 package with the backwards compatible libraries that existing programs require (not that many) and installed guile 1.4.

  32. 10/21/2002 [nando]: Added incantation for correct install of the i686 kernel in RedHat 8.0 (the new version of apt chooses i386 by default and the current i386 kernel has some unresolved symbols).

    Added Rosegarden, version 4.0.8.

    Updated SpiralSynthModular to version 0.1.1.

    Update Freqtweak to version 0.4.4.

    Added Desideratum section. Applications suggested by Planet CCRMA users that have not yet made it to the rpmland. Make a wish, take a number and please sit down. It may take a while...

    Compiled more RedHat 8.0 packages:

    • mjpegtools-1.6.0-1: ok
    • vcdimager-0.7.12-2: ok
    • mplayer-0.90pre5-1: ok
    • dvgrab-1.1b2-1: ok

    Added the following packages to the RedHat 8.0 repository: mplayer, xanim, avifile, divx4linux, libdv, libraw1394, libavc1394, gscanbus, dvgrab, mjpegtools, vcdimager.

  33. 10/18/2002 [nando]: The continuing saga of RedHat 8.0:

    • libdv-0.98-1: upgraded to 0.98 (form 0.9.5). Kino 0.51 needs the new version.
    • kino-0.51-1:
    • mjpegtools-1.6.0-1: temporarily erased libmpeg3 and quicktime4linux (needed for compiling the gem pd library with quicktime support), without them mjpegtools compiles fine. This should be fixed.

  34. 10/17/2002 [nando]: More RedHat 8.0 packages:

    • lame-3.92-2: compiles fine, as usual you have to build it yourself
    • divx4linux-20020418-1: ok
    • avifile-0.7.12-1: ok
    • xanim-2.80.1-16: ok
    • libdv-0.9.5: ok
    • libraw1394-0.9.0-1: ok
    • libavc1394-0.3.0-1: ok
    • gscanbus-0.7.1-1: ok
    • kino-0.5-2: does not build. Include file conflicts between glibc and gettext header files. Tried the new 0.51 version with the same results.
    • mjpegtools-1.6.0-1: does not build. There is most probably a version problem with libmpeg3.

  35. 10/16/2002 [nando]: Updated Snd to version 6.2.

    Still working on the rebuild of all the Planet to run on RedHat 8.0. This is what is currently not working:

    • clisp:cm-clm-cmn: build of the lisp world under clisp fails (cm does not compile cleanly)
    • ecasound: fails to compile, will probably upgrade to the development version
    • lilypond: fails to compile, will probably upgrade to the development version
    • muse: does not complete startup. Cannot be killed once started, only reacts to a kill -9.
    • SpiralSynthModular: errors on startup, plugins cannot be linked in, undefined symbol.
    • Gdam: gdam-launcher starts, any module load ends in a segfault.

    Here's the current rebuild history (this started on the morning of 10/14/2002). This list is chronological, that is, it reflects (I think) the order in which I had to rebuild the packages, each rebuild was followed by an install in a freshly built RedHat 8.0 install:

    • kernel, alsaconf, alsa: existing versions install fine
    • snd-guile 1.5.6-1: ok
    • ladspa-sdk 11.11-1: ok
    • sgl 1.1.1-3: used the version included in 8.0
    • fftw 2.1.3-2: used the existing 7.x version
    • snd 6.2-1: ok
    • alien 7.24-3.2: this is required to repack the cmucl binary rpms. I had problems when trying to rebuild the rpm, apparently having to do with the new perl included in 8.0. Included a small perl script in the spec file to fix the Makefile and disabled the automatic generation of required packages (again, problems with the package requiring things that were there but were not advertised?). It works but this is all a hack, as this is just done to rebuild the cmucl binary packages it does not really matter that much.
    • cmucl 3.0.9-1: ok
    • cmucl:cm-clm-cmn 1.0-12: ok
    • clisp 2.30: 2.28 fails to rebuild, 2.30 builds fine: ok
    • clisp:cm-clm-cmn: cm fails to build, even with typo patch, gave up easily because we already have the cmucl version which is much better if you are using clm.
    • gamix 1.99.p13-1: ok
    • libsndfile 1.0.0-2: ok
    • fltk 1.1.0rc3-0: ok
    • jack-audio-connection-kit 0.39.0-1: ok
    • pd 0.35.0-1.1: [apt-get install tk]. Added a patch to fiddle to make it compile under gcc 3.2, upped release to 0.35.0-1.1.
    • ggee 0.24-2: ok
    • libmpeg3 1.4-1: [apt-get install nasm] ok
    • quicktime4linux 1.6-1: ok
    • gltt 2.5.2-2.1: [apt-get install glut glut-devel] included patch from gltt mailing list to compile under gcc 3.2, added *.la to incomplete devel package file list, upped release to 2.1: ok
    • gem 0.87-2: the new version of rpmbuild does not like "# " comments at the beginning of the spec file! Added patch for pix_videoLinux.cpp so that it compiles under gcc 3.2, upped release to 2: ok
    • iemlib 0.12-1: ok
    • zexy 1.1-1: ok
    • muse 0.5.3b-1: some tweaks to the spec file: ok
    • ecasound: fails to find an include file (cannot find g++ headers...)
    • t1utils: ok (needed by lilypond)
    • pfaedit: ok (needed by lilypond)
    • autotrace: [apt-get install ImageMagick-devel] ok (but does not like the current ImageMagick so things could be broken)
    • pktrace: ok (needed by lilypond)
    • lilypond: does not like gcc 3.2, needs 2.95.......
    • flac 1.0.3-1: [apt-get install xmms-devel] ok
    • timidity++ 2.11.3-4.1: had to bump release number to be higher than the 8.0 package: ok
    • timidity-eawpats 11-1.1: ok
    • ceres3 0.27a2-1: ok
    • meterbridge 0.0.5-1: ok
    • libmad 0.14.2b-5: ok
    • alsaplayer 0.99.72-1: needs libmad (nor documented in web pages): ok
    • wxGTK: patched to compile with gcc 3.2, upped release to .1: ok
    • resample 1.6-1: ok
    • SpiralSynthModular 0.1.0-2: ok
    • ams 1.4.12c-1: ok
    • id3lib3.8.0-2: patched with a file from id3lib cvs: ok
    • audacity 1.1.0-1: ok
    • soundtracker 0.6.6-29: ok
    • mpg321 0.2.10-1: [apt-get install libao-devel] changed dependency name of libmad library: ok
    • gdam 0.942-2: fixed file lists, upped release to .2: ok
    • stk 4.1-2: ok
    • kaconnect 1.1.1-1: ok
    • freqtweak 0.4.3: ok

  36. 10/15/2002 [nando]: Added Freqtweak, a time domain real-time scrambler, works through Jack. Fun to play with. Latter in the day, updated to 0.4.3.

  37. 10/14/2002 [nando]: Documented Fltk libraries.

  38. 10/11/2002 [nando]: Added kaconnect, a GUI for aconnect (controls the alsa MIDI patchbay).

    Updated the Jack Audio Connection Kit to version 0.39.0 (current cvs).

    Added the Flac lossless audio compressor. For now only xmms (through the flac plugin) and alsaplayer (the new version, see below) can play flac files. Other software in Planet CCRMA will support this format in the future. Great for storing big soundfiles without the loss (and it _is_ a real loss) of either mp3 or ogg vorbis.

    Updated Alsaplayer to version 0.99.72. It can now play flac files.

    Added AlsaModularSynth version 1.4.12c, nice alsa realtime midi-controlled synthesizer.

    Added Meterbridge 0.0.5, a very nice metering bridge for jack.

  39. 10/10/2002 [nando]: Added CDROM polling advice in the Low Latency Tuning section.

  40. 10/09/2002 [nando]: Added STK (Synthesis Toolkit) to the collection (plus several updates from RedHat).

    Added Anjuta, a C++ development environment that is being used by a class here at CCRMA.

  41. 09/18/2002 [nando]: Added some graphics oriented programs to the repository. Instructions on how to install the BMRT Renderman compliant renderer, the (as yet) unused open source Aqsis renderer and Ayam, a 3D modeller. All these RPMS are preliminary and not completely tweaked, so use at your own risk. I'll post an official announcement when they are in better shape. I also included a pointer to Cinelerra, an open source video editing suite that works very well (at least under RedHat 7.3).

    Added some pointers to articles and mailing list threads that deal with interrupt and pci latency optimization. I have yet to write a clear and concise section there that's focused on how to use all those techniques to optimize your pc for low latency audio use.

  42. 09/17/2002 [nando]: Updated Snd to version 6.1.

    Managed to make the Midisport 2x2 USB MIDI interface reliably thanks to a tip from Michal Seta. Turns out that you have to disconnect the MIDI inputs from the interface while loading the firmware... Updated the Usb MIDI Nano HOWTO usbmidi.

    Added one section to the instructions for installing the kernel to document how to install the kernel source and headers rpm (which is necessary to compile additional kernel modules).

  43. 09/13/2002 [nando]: explicitly separated the installation of mencoder in mplayer. Mencoder needs the Lame mp3 library rpms which have to be rebuilt from the source rpm and installed before installing memcoder.

    Added instructions on how to rebuild and install the lame source rpm.

  44. 09/11/2002 [nando]: added a preliminary version of the USB Midi Nano HOWTO, needs more testing.

  45. 09/06/2002 [nando]: added a few pointers to things you will need to do before trying to build and configure Ardour.

    Updated swh-plugins to version 0.2.8.

  46. 09/05/2002 [nando]: the ogg vorbis set of libraries and tools for audio compression has been upgraded to 1.0

    A new backwards compatibility libvorbis0 package has been created, because the final 1.0 release changed the library versions of two libraries that are needed by a bunch of programs. Instead of rebuilding all of them and forcing an upgrade I decided to just install a compatibility library and deal with it little by little.

    The disadvantage of this approach is that till the next ugprade, a program that uses the old libraries will keep using them and not the new ones, probably not a big problem.

    RedHat 7.2 users:

    I spent the whole day on this and I give up (and a bad cold is not helping :-) For some reason a dist-upgrade does not seem to do the right thing (it works under 7.3). If you try a dist-upgrade you will get a confirmation prompt asking if you want to delete a whole lot of packages. Answer No :-) For an unknown reason the new compatibility package is not being auto-installed and so whatever depends on the old libraries would need to be uninstalled, which is not what you want.

    To upgrade do this:

    apt-get update apt-get install libvorbis0 libvorbis-devel libogg-devel vorbis-tools

  47. 09/02/2002 [nando]: updated Jack to the current CVS version (0.37.2), jack has had several bugfixes since the last official tarball (0.34). The new Jack example clients (and Ardour) need the latest libsndfile, so the official version in the repository is now 1.0.0.

    Added Gdam, a seemingly very complete dj'ing tool, it saw very little testing here but well, go for it and have fun. I could not figure out how to start it with the alsa drivers. And don't start the Sequencer window, it will crash the whole thing with a gtk error (this was a pain to compile because the documentation is written in sgml and I could not make sgmltools work, I finally gave up and repackaged the already rendered documentation that they include in their binary release).

  48. 09/01/2002 [nando]: added libsndfile 0.0.28 to the repository (1.0.0 is not yet in the official branch, it's waiting for an upgrade of jack). Updated Ceres3 to the latest version (0.27a2).

  49. 08/30/2002 [nando]: added Soundtracker, pretty good but does not at this point support the ALSA 0.9 api, it will only run using the OSS emulation layer.

  50. 08/29/2002 [nando]: the Red Planet cdrom ISO images are out! This is mainly useful for brand new installs if you have better network connectivity away from where your audio workstation is located. Just download the images, burn the cdroms and take them home. Follow the instructions and apt-get (or synaptic) will use the cdroms unless there is a newer version of a package in the Planet CCRMA apt repository.

    Currently the 7.2 updates cdrom is very big. I have not yet decided whether I will split it (a pain) or try to erase the packages that were made obsolet by the corresponding newer Planet CCRMA versions (another pain but probably what I will end up doing) so that it fits in 700M again. 7.2 is old, many many updates :-)

  51. 08/28/2002 [nando]: updated the CM/CLM/CMN world to version 1.0-12. It now includes CLM of 8/28/2002 and CMN of 7/30/2002 (and the same version of CM as before). The main reason for the update was a weird bug in the cmucl versions. The exact cause of the bug has not been found (Bill worked on that a bit) so this includes a workaround that seem to do the trick. The bug itself is rather obscure and only occurs when running a cmucl image containing clm in a different machine than the one the image was compiled in. An not on just any machine. I found this by chance, images compiled on a PIII run fine on PIIIs and some PIIs (Deschutes) but fail on other PIIs (Klamath) and PPros. And the reverse is also true. The failure is a segmentation violation when trying to execute a foreign function during startup. The workaround involves recompiling the ffi.lisp at install time and loading the ``custom'' version of ffi.lisp when the cmucl image starts.

  52. 08/27/2002 [nando]: did some more debugging of redhat 7.2 installs, added qt 3.0.3 and qt2 compatibility packages to the repository. I had forgotten to add them and muse needs them (this was not a problem for 7.3 installs).

  53. 08/26/2002 [nando]: updated snd rpms to 6.0-2. Added an explicit dependency with openmotif, otherwise under redhat 7.2 snd appears to install fine (lesstif has the same library version number) but fails on startup with an undefined symbol. Updated to the 08/26/2002 snapshot as well.

    Added a new acpi kernel for laptops (or desktop computers that need acpi to work). The base version of the kernel is 2.4.19, to that I added 2.4.20-pre4 and the corresponding acpi patch, low latency and preemptible kernel patches and capabilities patch. As I was building a new kernel I also upgraded alsa to the latest CVS version, so for this kernel only alsa is up to version 0.9.0-37. I've been happily running this on my laptop for the last week.

  54. 08/22/2002 [nando]: newer version of the jpilot Palm or Handspring communication software. Added a link in the Development Packages section so that the ``Planet Edge'' RPMS are more readily acccessible (gcc 3.1 and the matching gdb). Downloaded some of updates from RedHat, libpng and php for both 7.2 and 7.3 and a new kernel for 7.3.

    Several fixes in the documentation, thanks to Chris Burns for pointing them out. They include a comment about the need to be root to do all this (doh!), where is hdparm and what to expect from it in terms of results (fixed the link that's there), a pointer to a good article on hdparm and a bunch of other things. I also added a small section on optimizing the cdrom.

  55. 08/21/2002 [nando]: added wxGTK (A free C++ library for cross-platform GUI development) (home), audacity requires it (and I had forgotten to move it to the repository - thanks to Owen Smith for alerting me to this and several other small problems).

  56. 08/20/2002 [nando]: added unison (home), a package useful to synchronize two copies of a directory tree (think laptops). If you install the rpm you will find the manual in /usr/share/doc/unison-2.9.1/manual.html. To compile unison (but not to run it) I needed the Objective Caml language and its gtk+ binding (home), those have also been added to the repository.

  57. 08/19/2002 [nando]: added Audacity 1.1.0, a sound editor. To be able to compile it I also added the libmad and id3lib libraries to the repository.

  58. 08/17/2002 [nando]: updated Gem to version 0.87. Gem is now linked with the quicktime4linux library so that video formats supported by that library are now available within Gem. Packages for libmpeg3 and quicktime4linux are also available (sources for both libraries were extracted from the hwarrior beta 2 source package).

  59. 08/15/2002 [nando]: More pd external libraries:
    1. iemlib: 0.12-1
    2. zexy: 1.1-1

  60. 08/14/2002 [nando]: Updated:
    1. snd: 6.0-1
    2. snd-guile: 1.5.6
    3. pd: 0.35.0-1, added patch to make alsa audio the default, added ``-oss'' option to force oss in alsa systems, addded Guenter Geiger's jack patch.
    4. ggee: 0.24.2, moved externs from pd/externs to pd/extras so that we don't need an extra ``-path'' in the command line to load them.
    5. gem: 0.84.6-2, moved library from pd/externs to pd/extras
    6. mozilla099: added this backwards compatibility package to reenable html rendering in nautilus (it is broken if you upgrade to mozilla versions greater than 0.9.9). Install this package if you have installed the Planet CCRMA mozilla rpms and miss html in Nautilus - which affects, for example, the Gnome help system.
    7. glibc: update from RedHat, potential security compromise, heap overflow

  61. 08/12/2002 [nando]: Repository cleanup preparing for cdrom release, removed old versions, retired kernel 2.4.18-10.ll and alsa-0.9.0-34. Retired OSS only packages for the lisp world under clisp and cmucl, and for snd. Let me know if you would like to see this back, it only served to make the cdrom images bigger. New version of bind from redhat updates sites.

  62. 08/08/2002 [nando]: Added synaptic, a GUI interface for apt - for those of you who hate command line tools :-)

  63. 08/06/2002 [nando]: Added and updated
    1. kernel: kernel 2.4.19-1.ll, includes capabilities, 2.4.19-pre10-low-latency, preempt-kernel-rml-2.4.19-rc5-3
    2. alsa: upgraded to CVS downloaded on 20020804.175127, should have more fixes (usb-midi comes to mind) and newer bugs
    3. SpiralSynthModular: version 0.1.0

  64. 08/02/2002 [nando]: better ``configuring apt'' section, replaced instructions on what to put in files by downloadable files (easier). Added apt sources.list files for the ``laptop'' ACPI enabled kernel. Added a few (more to come) acpi related rpms for those with laptops that need ACPI to run.

  65. 08/01/2002 [nando]: reworked the alsa configuration instructions a bit, added the ``alsaconf'' configuration script.

  66. 07/28/2002 [nando]: added an experimental kernel for laptops that need acpi (not documented yet). It includes 2.4.18 plus the latest acpi snapshot plus low latency plus the DRI low latency patches. Bumped alsa to 0.9.0-34, it includes the usb audio driver.

  67. 07/22/2002 [nando]: updated clm to 07/23/2002 (fixes some problems in cmucl), new version of the cm-clm-cmn packages is 1.0-11

  68. 07/22/2002 [nando]: I'm starting to put online the video and dv related application collection. So far that includes: mplayer, xanim, avifile, lame (source only), libdv, libraw1394, libavc1394, gscanbus, kino, dvgrab, mjpegtools, vcdimager. With these tools it is possible to capture video from dv camcorders (or animation packages) and master it to a vcd or svcd disk you can stick into many current dvd players (or play on many computer platforms).

  69. 07/16/2002 [nando]: updated timidity++, timidity-midia-instruments and timidity-eawpats - same versions, fixed post and postun scripts problem. Users of versions less that 2.11.3-3.3 (timidity++ and timidity-midi-instruments) and 1.0-1.1 (timidity-eawpats) should first remove the packages and then reinstall.

  70. 07/13/2002 [nando]: updated snd (5.12-3, snd of 07/14/2002), updated cm/clm/cmn packages for clisp and cmucl (1.0-9; clm 07/14/2002, cmn 07/14/2002)

  71. 07/13/2002 [nando]: Change in the organization of the repository. WARNING: you have to update your /etc/apt/sources.list file!

    The failure of apt for rpm to treat kernels sanely prompted this change. Originally I created a newly named ``kernel-up'' kernel package (in addition to the normal ``kernel'' uniprocessor package) because of dependency problems with the separate alsa driver rpms. The alsa driver rpms are split into two packages, one for the kernel modules (named ``alsa-driver-[kernel_version]'', requires ``kernel-[kernel_version]'' to be installed, provides a virtual package named ``alsa-driver-modules'') and another for the rest of the associated files (named ``alsa-driver'', requires ``alsa-driver-modules''). With this arrangement I can have multiple alsa modules packages, one for each installed kernel, so that I can boot into any kernel and still have alsa working. The problem is (well known) confusion in handling real and virtual packages on the part of apt for rpm.

    The effect in this case was that a given alsa-driver-[kernel_version] package would have its dependency requirement of kernel-[kernel_version] satisfied by ANY kernel that has the same version number, regardless of its revision number. This is probably triggered by the fact that there were both virtual and real packages with the same name (``kernel'') plus maybe a bug in apt-get for rpm. So, doing an ``apt-get install alsa-driver-[kernel_version]'' would NOT pull the corresponding kernel from the repository as well, as it should because of the declared dependency.

    The workaround I used for this problem was to create an additional ``kernel-up'' package with the same contents as the original ``kernel'' so that there would not be a clash between virtual and real packages. That fixed the problem, apt-get'ting a particular alsa kernel module package would update the kernel as well.

    Still there were problems.

    Apt-get for rpm has a known problem with kernels, having several kernels available it will install the first if finds, and that will be the smp kernel. Fine if you have an smp kernel, not ok if you have a uniprocessor machine. That was a big problem for doing dist-upgrades, if you had a uniprocessor kernel up and running it would automatically install an smp kernel if a new version was available (instead of installing the up kernel).

    Anyway, long story, I finally decided to segregate the kernels into separate up and smp repositories. This solves all (I hope) major problems. The mythical user that follows instructions will properly configure his/hers/its sources.list file to match the kind of machine he has and from then on dist-upgrades will upgrade to the proper kernel automagically.

    There is still a (minor?) problem. An explicit upgrade of a kernel with a ``apt-get install kernel-up#[kernel_version] will not pull in its corresponding alsa-driver-[kernel_version]. It does not seem too important at this point because new kernels will have new matching alsa drivers, I will bump up all version numbers and an ``apt-get dist-upgrade'' will download and install all pieces of the puzzle.

  72. 07/11/2002 [nando]: Updated to kernel-2.4.18-10.ll includes 2.4.19-rc1, low latency, kernel preemption patch, capabilities patch. Removed old 2.4.18-9.ll from tree. Added notice of apt-get conflicts when doing full installs of redhat.

  73. 07/10/2002 [nando]: Manpages are now static and not a cgi script as before, should help when making a cdrom of the planet ccrma stuff (ie: all links should keep working).

  74. 07/08/2002 [nando]: Cleanups, old stuff erased, srpms installed.

  75. 07/06/2002 [nando]: Updated snd to snd-5.12-2 (tarball of 07/06/2002), fixed postun in spec file, same problem as the cm-clm-cmn world spec file.

  76. 07/04/2002 [nando]: Added alsaplayer 0.99.71, needs a new curl version under redhat 7.3, hacked to not use curl under redhat 7.2 (which needs the old curl for php). Recompiled the lisp world up to release 8.1, there was a bug in the post and preun scripts for the cmucl packages. If you are upgrading from a version prior to 8.1 please erase the cmucl package first and then install the new one.

  77. 07/03/2002 [nando]: More cleanup, added ``Other Applications'' page for the rest of the non-music stuff.

  78. 07/02/2002 [nando]: Rebuild snd-5.12 for oss and alsa, cmucl and clisp, cm-clm-cmn-1.0-8 for cmucl and clisp, alsa and oss, all for both 7.2 and 7.3

  79. 07/01/2002 [nando]: Many changes, split the planetccrma repository into 7.x, 7.2 and 7.3 versions. Otherwise some packages that are already present in 7.3 but do not exist in 7.2 make apt-get complain about packages having same names but different dependencies. So, now some packages are common to both releases and some are specific. With the correct sources.list file this is transparent to the user.

    Added or updated:

    1. lilypond: lilypond-1.4.14-2.2 (missing prefix in configure)
    2. mozilla, galeon, evolution: mozilla up to 1.0.1, galeon 1.2.5, evolution 1.0.7. This upgrade breaks html rendering support in nautilus and nautilus no longer can be recompiled with the new mozilla. No big loss, I think. I could be made to work with a custom packaging of the libraries of mozilla 0.9.0, for example, I don't think it is worth it at this point.

  80. 06/26/2002 [nando]: Added:
    1. lilypond: lilypond-1.4.14
    2. vorbis: all vorbis programs for 1.0rc3

  81. 06/25/2002 [nando]: Added:
    1. muse: muse-0.5.3b, givertcap-1.0-1
    2. ecasound: ecasound-2.0.4-1, ecawave-0.4.1-2
    3. swh-plugins: swh-plugins-0.2.7-1
    4. lilypond: added prerequisites to pktrace: autotrace-0.30-1, t1utils-1.26-1, pfaedit-020622-1; added pktrace-1.0.3-1, needed by lilypond build (did not install ming)

  82. 06/23/2002 [nando]: Added:
    1. pd: pd-0.34-2
    2. ggee: ggee-0.24-1
    3. openmotif: added openmotif to the repository
    4. ladspa-sdk: ladspa-sdk-1.11-1

  83. 06/22/2002 [nando]: Added:
    1. cmucl: cmucl-3.0.9
    2. cm-clm-cmn: cm-clm-cmn-1.0-7, cmucl with alsa and oss support

  84. 06/21/2002 [nando]: Added:
    1. alien: alien-7.24-3.1 (needed for cmucl)
    2. clisp: clisp-2.28-1
    3. cm-clm-cmn: cm-clm-cmn-1.0-7, clisp with alsa and oss support
    4. snd: snd-5.11-1 [06/21/2002], motif with alsa and oss support
    5. fltk: fltk-1.1.0rc3 (needed for SpiralSynthModular)
    6. SpiralSynthModular: SpiralSynthModular-0.1.0
    7. binutils:, needed to compile gcc3, needed by mplayer

  85. 06/03/2002 [nando]: A very long time with no updates on the web page (but a lot of changes at ccrma. Planet CCRMA is now apt-get fueled for easy installs and dependency tracking. New 2.4.18-9.ll kernel and alsa 0.9.0 packages.

  86. 01/18/2002 [nando]: Happy New Year! Wow, that was a long time without updates, major one coming up. Planet CCRMA rpms will from now on be developed, compiled and (sort off) tested only under RedHat 7.2. While selected rpms might work under previous versions or other distributions, all bets are off if you try to do that. Planet CCRMA will also use the Conectiva port of apt-get for easy installation. Apt-get is the Debian tool for package management and automatically takes care of dependencies, one command will allow you to download and install an rpm and pull in any other packages that are needed to satisfy dependencies. Very nice. Support for RedHat up2date is also planned but will wait till the open source server is stable.

    1. kernel: updated to 2.4.17-5, 2.4.17 plus 2.4.18-pre3 plus low latency plus lvm 1.0.1
    2. snd: updated to 5.6 (01/18/2002)
    3. pd: updated to 0.34.6
    4. ggee: updated to 0.23
    5. gem: created package, initial version 0.84.6 (added packages to satisfy dependencies)
    6. gltt: package needed by GEM, initial version 2.4.2
    7. muse: updated to 0.4.14
    8. ecasound: updated to 2.0.4
    9. ecawave: updated to 0.4.1
    10. swh-plugins: updated to 0.2.3
    11. ogg vorbis: now included with RedHat 7.2, updated to 1.0rc3
    12. xmms: recompiled for ogg vorbis 1.0rc3
    13. timidity++: now included in RedHat 7.2, separated sound font from engine, added eawpats sound font.

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