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Change Log

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  1. 05/10/2019 [edmond]: Various updates to Planet CCRMA web site.

  2. 05/10/2019 [edmond]: Started support for Fedora 30. Support ongoing for 28 and 29.

  3. 06/02/2016 [nando]: Started support for Fedora 24

  4. 06/02/2015 [nando]: Started support for Fedora 22

  5. 12/19/2013 [nando]: Started support for Fedora 20

  6. 07/02/2013 [nando]: Started support for Fedora 19

  7. 01/22/2013 [nando]: Started support for Fedora 18

  8. 05/29/2012 [nando]: Started support for Fedora 17, updated the installation guide to include 16 as well.

  9. 03/18/2011 [nando]: Updated guide for fc13/14.

  10. 01/20/2010 [nando]: Updated guide for fc10/11/12, removed old Fedora 8/7 pages. Added updated install instructions for Fedora 11 and 12.

  11. 12/10/2008 [arnaud]: First attempt at documenting installation on CentOS.

  12. 05/14/2008 [nando]: The rebuild for Planet CCRMA on top of Fedora 9 has started. Much work to do, stay tuned.

  13. 05/12/2008 [nando]: Updated web site pages, cleaned up a lot of stuff... lots of links now working and pointing to either the repoview pages of the Planet CCRMA repositories or to the Fedora repoview page for the corresponding package if it has moved there. Lots of cleaning up to do.

  14. 11/12/2007 [nando]: Started support for Fedora 8. So far just the planetccrma-core components (kernel, rtirq, alsa-firmware, alsa-tools and a souped up jack-audio-connection-kit). As usual, install planetccrma-repo and get going!...

  15. 06/19/2007 [nando]: YAK!! (Yet Another Kernel...). Oh well, a new one for fc6 and fc7. Based on (package version is 2.6.21-0182.rt17.1), it fixes a problem with some BUG traces I was getting on our hardware with the skge ethernet adaptor, most probably solves equivalent problems on other drivers as well. As usual thanks to Ingo for his work!

    Updated JackMix to version 0.3.1 on fc6 and fc7.

  16. 06/11/2007 [nando]: New kernels (2.6.21-0182.rt14.1, based on and Ingo's rt14 patch) for fc6 and fc7. A new untested i586 kernel package for fc6 is online, feedback welcome.

    Snd: updated to version 9.1 on fc6, openmotif upgraded as well and it install in /opt to avoid conflicts with lesstif. This may change again in the future...

    Sonic Visualiser 1.0 builds for fc6 and fc7 (and the necessary vamp plugin interface sdk, many thanks to Arnaud Gones-do-Vale from IRCAM for the spec file and his debugging of linking problems we faced with the package). This version compiles and should work on x86_64 but has not been tested.

  17. 06/11/2007 [nando]: New kernels (2.6.21-0182.rt13.1, based on and Ingo's rt13 patch) for fc6.

  18. 06/11/2007 [nando]: New clm/cmn/cm/slime packages for sbcl 1.0.6 on fc6 i386 and x86_64. CLM's snapshot has been updated to 2006.06.07, CMN's to 2006.05.28.

  19. 06/11/2007 [nando]: New kernels (2.6.21-0182.rt12.1, based on and Ingo's rt12 patch) for fc7 with configuration files that try to stay as close as possible to the stock Fedora kernel configuration. Should be more compatible with the disk drive name change that happened in fc7 (hdx to sdx).

  20. 06/05/2007 [nando]: A preliminary version of Planet CCRMA for Fedora 7 i386 is now available. Short install instructions for experts follow (if you are not an expert look at the fc6 install instructions and substitute appropriately the commands below):

    As usual you start by pointing to the Planet CCRMA repositories (all in one line):

    rpm -Uvh

    Then get the realtime kernel and friends:
    yum install planetccrma-core

    Then get the applications and nice menus:

    yum install planetccrma-apps

    As usual you can see the available packages at the repoview web site here:

    Pretty much all packages already available on fc6 are now available on f7 (see below for exceptions).

    I usually take a long time to rebuild on top of a new Fedora release, I don't know what happened this time but having a trial Planet CCRMA a week after the new release has never happened before :-)

    Things I know don't work: Common Music does not start properly (but CLM and CMN are happy), it does start on a mach chroot but not on my trial install in an old disk in my old laptop. Supercollider does not start properly, sclang seems happy and prints the right things but exits at the end instead of waiting for commands... Pd, as is usual in new releases, lacks the Gem external which is a perpetual pain to build, and if experience is any guide it will take a while to get it compiled.

    Many other programs may _not_ be working. If you find one please let me know.

  21. 06/05/2007 [nando]: New kernel-rt packages released for fc6. This is based on plus Ingo Molnar's patch- (his latest). A ``yum upgrade'' should bring it in!

  22. 05/13/2007 [nando]: Small configuration bugfix kernel-rt packages released for fc6, these packages are configured with HZ=1000 instead of HZ=250 (Rosegarden was complaining about this, thanks to Craig Bourne for the bug report.

  23. 05/10/2007 [nando]: New kernel-rt released for fc6. This is based on plus Ingo Molnar's patch-2.6.21-rt1 (his latest). Hopefully even better and more stable than 2.6.20.x-rt. A ``yum upgrade'' should bring it in!

    Ecasound: updated to version 2.4.5-1 on fc6.

  24. 05/09/2007 [nando]: Ardour2: 2.0.2 released (fc5/fc6).
    ``Fix crash bug when loading a new session into an existing Ardour instance. Fix crash bug #1637, occuring when using Ctrl-drag to copy regions. Fix naming-related issue when adding multiple busses at the same time. Make sure plugin GUI's appear on top of the editor and other windows. Enable clicks on plugins/inserts/send names to work even when numlock is engaged. Merge a couple of changes from the Xdubber branch.''

  25. 05/03/2007 [nando]: Added instructions for installing Planet CCRMA on top of Fedora Core 6.

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