cinepaint (1)


       filmgimp  -  Image  manipulation  program supporting 16-bit color and a
       frame manager.


       filmgimp [-h] [--help] [-v] [--version] [-b] [--batch <commands>]  [-n]
       [--no-interface] [--no-data] [--verbose] [--no-shm] [--no-xshm] [--dis-
       play  display]  [--no-splash]  [--no-splash-image]   [--debug-handlers]


       Film  Gimp is a motion picture editing tool primarily used for painting
       and retouching of individual movie frames. With sixteen bits per compo-
       nent  instead  of  eight,  Film Gimp has much more color depth capacity
       than Gimp.  Film Gimp extended Gimp to operate upon a series of images,
       known  as  the  frame  manager, and in 16-bit linear and floating point
       color depths. Film Gimp is currently based  upon  the  HOLLYWOOD  1.0.4
       branch of Gimp, but is no longer a part of the GIMP project.

       Film  Gimp  features  a  set  of drawing, painting, and selection tools
       along with a frame manager to allow for quickly and easily working with
       multiple sequential image files.

       Film  Gimp  has  the  script-fu  scripting  extension  which allows for
       advanced non-interactive processing and creation of images.


       -h, --help
               Display a list of all commandline options.

       -v, --version
               Output the version info.

       -b, --batch <commands>
               Execute the set of <commands>  non-interactively.  The  set  of
               <commands>  is  typically  in  the form of a script that can be
               executed by one of the Gimp scripting extensions.

       -n, --no-interface
               Run without a user interface.

               Do not load patterns, gradients, palettes,  or  brushes.  Often
               useful  in  non-interactive situations where startup time is to
               be minimized.

               Show startup messages.

               Do not use shared memory between Film  Gimp  and  its  plugins.
               Instead  of  using  shared memory, Film Gimp will send the data

       --display display
               Use the designated X display.

               Do not show the splash screen.

               Do  not  show  the  splash  screen  image as part of the splash

               Enable debugging signal handlers.

               Do not popup dialog boxes on errors or warnings. Print the mes-
               sages on the console instead.


       DISPLAY to get the default host and display number.

               to  get  the  name of a resource file that overrides the global
               resources stored in the RESOURCE_MANAGER property.


       Most Film Gimp configuration is read  in  from  the  users  init  file,
       $HOME/.filmgimp/gimprc.   The   system  wide  equivalent  is  in  $PRE-
       FIX/share/filmgimp/$VERSION/gimprc. The  system  wide  file  is  parsed
       first  and  the  user's  gimprc  overrides  the  sytem  settings. $PRE-
       FIX/share/filmgimp/$VERSION/gimprc_user is the default gimprc placed in
       users home directories the first time a user runs filmgimp.

       Film  Gimp's  data  files are stored in $PREFIX/share/filmgimp/$VERSION
       where $PREFIX is set on install, but is typically /usr/local.

       $HOME/.filmgimp/gtkrc - users set of GTK config settings. Options  such
       as widget color and fonts' sizes can be set here.

       $PREFIX/share/filmgimp/$VERSION/gtkrc  -  sytem wide default set of GTK
       config settings.

       $HOME/.filmgimp/menurc - user's set of keybindings.

       $HOME/.filmgimp/plug-ins - location of user installed plugins.

       $HOME/.filmgimp/pluginrc -  plugin  initialization  values  are  stored
       here. This file is parsed on startup and regenerated if need be.

       $HOME/.filmgimp/tmp  -  default  location  that  gimp uses as temporary

       $PREFIX/share/filmgimp/$VERSION/brushes - system wide brush files.

       $HOME/.filmgimp/brushes - user created and installed brush files.  This
       files are in the .gbr (gimp brush) format.
       $PREFIX/share/filmgimp/$VERSION/patterns  -  basic  set of patterns for
       use in Film Gimp.

       $HOME/.filmgimp/patterns - user created and installed Film Gimp pattern
       files. These files are in the .pat format.

       $PREFIX/share/filmgimp/$VERSION/gradients - standard system wide set of
       gradient files.

       $HOME/.filmgimp/gradients - user created and installed gradient  files.

       $PREFIX/share/filmgimp/$VERSION/scripts  -  system  wide  directory  of
       scripts used in Script-Fu and other scripting extensions.

       $HOME/.filmgimp/scripts - user created and installed scripts.

       $HOME/.filmgimp/gflares - user created and installed gflare files.

       $HOME/.gimp/gfig - user created and installed gfig files.

       $PREFIX/share/filmgimp/$VERSION/gimp_splash.ppm - graphic file used for
       the gimp splash screen.

       $PREFIX/share/filmgimp/$VERSION/gimp_logo.ppm  -  graphic  file used in
       the gimp about dialog.

       $PREFIX/share/filmgimp/$VERSION/gimp_tips.txt - list of tips  displayed
       in the "Tip of the Day" dialog box.


       X(1) gimp(1)


       Copyright   1995 Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis

       Permission  to  use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its
       documentation for any purpose and without fee is hereby  granted,  pro-
       vided  that  the  above  copyright notice appear in all copies and that
       both that copyright notice and this permission notice  appear  in  sup-
       porting documentation.


       Any  bugs  found  should be reported to the Film Gimp Developer mailing
       list at or you may want to make use of the online
       bug-tracking  system  available  on  the web at http://filmgimp.source-

       When reporting Film Gimp bugs, it is important to  include  a  reliable
       way  to  reproduce  the  bug, version number of Film Gimp (and probably
       GTK), OS name and version, and any relevant hardware specs. It is  also
       very  important  to  include as much info as possible about the Xserver
       the problem was found on including at least server  name,  the  visual,
       and the bit depth.

       If  a bug is causing a crash, it is very useful if a stack trace can be
       forge website


       The  complete  history of Film Gimp has been cronicled by Robin Rowe at
       the Film Gimp homepage.  Currently there  are  many  active  developers
       working  on different aspects of film gimp.  Most can be reached on the
       Film Gimp Devellopers mailing list.

       Major contibutors are: Robin  Rowe,  Sam  Richards,  Caroline  Dahllof,
       Jonathan Cohen, Andrew Lau,......

       Note:  Please let me know if your name should be here!  I've based this
       on what I remember seeing coming over the filmgimp-devel  list  so  I'm
       sure I've missed many a folk.

       The Authors of Gimp 1.0.4 are Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis.

       With  patches,  fixes,  plugins, extensions, scripts and more from lots
       and lots of people including but not limited  to  Lauri  Alanko,  Shawn
       Amundson, John Beale, Zach Beane, Tom Bech, Marc Bless, Edward Blevins,
       Roberto Boyd, Seth Burgess, Brent Burton, Ed  Connel,  Andreas  Dilger,
       Larry  Ewing, David Forsyth, Jim Geuther, Scott Goehring, Heiko Goller,
       Michael Hammel, Christoph Hoegl, Jan Hubicka, Simon Janes, Ben Jackson,
       Tim  Janik,  Tuomas  Kuosmanen,  Peter Kirchgessner, Karl LaRocca, Jens
       Lautenbacher, Laramie Leavitt, Raph Levien, Adrian Likins, Ingo Luetke-
       bohle,  Josh MacDonald, Ed Mackey, Marcelo Malheiros, Ian Main, Torsten
       Martinsen, Federico Mena, Adam D. Moss, Shuji Narazaki,  Sven  Neumann,
       Stephen  Robert  Norris,  Erik  Nygren, Miles O'Neal, Jay Painter, Mike
       Phillips, Raphael Quinet, James Robinson, Mike Schaeffer, Tracy  Scott,
       Manish Singh, Nathan Summers, Mike Sweet, Eiichi Takamori, Tristan Tar-
       rant, Owen Taylor, Ian Tester, James Wang, Kris Wehner.

Film gimp                        January 2003                     Film gimp(1)